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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Nie moglam sie oprzec. Moze kiedys cos takiego sobie zafunduje, jak pogodze sie z maszyna. Ale na wszelki wypadek, wstawiam tutaj, aby nie zapomniec.
Ponizsze informacje sa skopiowane z tej strony

Material Needed to make your own ‘Bina Brianca’ Wrap

Find some lightweight, stretch fabric (click word ‘stretch fabric’ to find suitable fabrics for purchase), and wrap away. Bina used a material that consists of Rayon – Jersey. Follow this link to buy a wide range of colors and prints for about $5/yard, 62" wide. NOTE: if for some reason, these links do not work, email me, and I will get the info to you in another way.
(Bina sells the Bina Brianca wraps ready-made at $42.50, which is not that unreasonable either, particularly since the wrap comes with a booklet on how to wear the various styles.)
womens cardigans

This picture & video here show you one of the various ways you can wear this magical women’s top aka ‘Bina Brianca wrap’. It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, front wrap, tunic and headscarf. Or style it to make up your own unique look!

Design Secrets: The slit placement makes it possible to wear this garment in so many ways.

How to Make This Drapy Scarf Cardigan

Quick 1,2,3 How-to Instructions
  1. Look at the Bina Brianca wrap in the photo. How much fabric you’ll need is easy to measure. For the central panel you’ll need 3x the width of your hips (not circumference!). For the side panels, you’ll need two panels that are about the width of your hips.
  2. How long? The Bina wrap in the picture is around the knee level. What’s best for you (above/at/below the knees) depends on how tall you are/your body shape. Pick the length of your favorite (long) drapy cardy, and work with that. I’d be generous in my measurements if I were you.
  3. Measured twice??! Then cut panels.
  4. Observe where the open slits are in the photo. They look to me as about 14" wide, just below the middle or right in the middle of the garment. Pin slits.
  5. Sew seams, leaving slits open.
  6. Optional: Attach snaps at top and bottom ends of the fabric (aka cardigan) so you can wear the wrap in all styles that are demonstrated here: . Look at the poncho picture to see a close-up of the snaps, and use the photos of the shrug to determine which way they should be attached. 

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